I can’t help but narrow my eyes like Castiel at meta that fails to include one of the main characters on the show as though he is of no consequence and has no role to play in how the season story arc will play out.

People who take their time to write meta for us to read might not have any insight or thoughts on how Sam’s arc will play out. There is a lot of Sam meta out there separate from Dean and Cas, I doubt anyone actually forgets Sam they’re just unsure as to his role.

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Of course, especially since they are the ones who made them angels. >:( Are we sure they are the ones writing the episode though? Was there an announcement?

I did see a couple of post a while back about them writing one of the last few episodes; hey

I think 9x22 is going to be Robbie Thompson. He wrote four eps last year (8x04, 8x11, 8x17, 8x20) and the last two are only three eps apart, plus his eps this year are in a really similar order (9x04, 9x11, 9x18) so it would make sense if he got 9x22. Adam Glass usually writes 3 episodes a season. Also, 9x22 is called ‘Stairway to Heaven’, something that was mentioned in 9x18. So yeah, I’m calling it to be Robbie. 

Charmelo and Snyder said they have no more eps left and there is no way they would let Klein touch myth arc ep let alone one of the final eps of the seaosn (or at least I hope not.)


”I love you Cas.”

”Dean.” Cas said.

”I do. And I am not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.”


do u ever silently weep every time cas heals another character


because you cant help but think of this