about me

hi! i'm jodie. i'm 17 and i live in dublin, ireland. i enjoy homoerotic literature of the nc17 persuasion. this is a multi fandom blog and occasionally nsfw. i like talking to people so you should probably message me and we can cry over hunters, celestial beings & middle aged scruffy naked dads. sophie is the biggest loser to ever exist and u should totally follow her.


i'm a pro canon destiel shipper and my happiness depends on the resolution of the currently subtextual love narrative between those two idiots. i ship lots of stuff but mainly: gallavich, spuffy, olitz, willara, taystee poussey, richonne & clintasha.

tv shows

waiting for:
s10 supernatural
s4 scandal
s3 oitnb
s5 twd
s5 shameless
s3 hannibal
s6 the good wife
s7 parks & rec
s10 criminal minds

this blog will be mostly wank free. i tag anything even remotely wanky as "wank for ts" and basically negativity about anyone/anything of anykind is just the name of it with "for ts" at the end. i tag nsfw stuff as "nsfw" and i try my best to tag possible triggers with tw at the end e.g blood tw. if there's something on my blog you want me to tag please tell me.

To save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you drape yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human.
'The first step for a big adventure.'
Digimon Adventure episode 1.
Adrift? The Island of Adventure!





Light and Dark Olitz

yeah, mr. white! yeah, science!

Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona - January 28, 2012 [x]

He may have to be hospitalized


wrap me up
unfold me
i am small and needy
warm me up
and b r e a t h e me;


thunder is god’s instrument to invoke awe and righteous fear into those who do not yet fear The Lord.

Castiel Graphics Challenge

mirthfulcas vs. nosignofwings

prompt: thunder, symbol of god’s voice